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Counselor Corner

Melinda Jewell
903.831.5352 ext 5117

Feel free to contact me if you have any academic, behavioral, or emotional concerns for your child. You may reach me by phone or e-mail. My schedule changes from day to day depending on the needs of the students and campuses where I work, but I will always make time for you.

Links to Sites on Digital Citizenship (i.e., internet safety, cyberbullying, cyber harassment) - Parent Education on Cyber Safety - Guidelines to Post at Home for Online Safety - Internet Use Agreement for Parents and Children to Use at Home - parents' guide to internet safety - a website devoted to rating games and maintained by the Entertainment Software Rating Board - internet and text slang guide for parents - "Parenting the Net Generation" - media and internet education resources - "E-Parenting Tutorial: Keeping up with your kids’ online activities" - Keeping Kids Connected and Protected - Community Leadership in Cyber Knowledge and Safety (C.L.I.C.K.S. Initiative)

Links to Educational Videos and Games

    "About Face" (feelings) -

    Career Activities -

    Educational Games Teaching Internet Safety -

    "It's My Life" - It's My Life offers students in grades 3-9 a unique interactive community in which to explore the social, emotional, and physical issues that most affect them. -

    "Kids Against Bullying" -

    "Out on a Limb" (A Guide to Getting Along) from University of Illinois -

    Safety -

    "Stop Bullying Now" Webisodes -

    "Stop the Bully" -\

    "You've Got To Be Kidding!" (problem-solving activity) -

Links to Handouts on Various Topics

Education-Related Handouts

    "Classroom Participation:  How to Increase" -

    "Communication with Your Child" -

    "Communication with Your Child's Teacher" -

    "Creating a Home Environment for Learning" -

    "Helping Your Child Do Well in School" -

    "Homework:  Tips for Managing" -

    "Learning and Grades:  How to Improve" -

    "Motivation to Learn:  How to Increase" -

    "Organization Skills:  How to Develop" -

    "Parent- Teacher Conferences" -

    "Study Skills:  Strengthening Your Child's Skills" -

    "Helping Your Child Learn to Read" -

General Parenting Education

    "Communication:  Parent to Child" -

    "Death:  How to Talk to Children" -

    "General Parenting Guidelines" -

    "Self-Esteem:  How to Develop in Children" -

    "Stress:  Helping Children Cope" -

    "Stress Management for Parents" -

Specific Issues or Concerns

Drugs and Other Substance Abuse (i.e., information on addiction, its causes, how to prevent it, and when to

consider treatment) -

   "General Fears in Children" -

    "Peer Pressure and Bad Companions" -

    "Responsibility and Independence" -

    "Teasing" -